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AfroScan regional group

AfroScan is the regional group according to WHO Africa region. The sub saharian region

African partners

As Africa is an area of very different historic and cultural background, we are searching for partners, actions and connections to health related technologies, their requirements within the health settings of the region and feasible to support the regional health.

Common projects

As a scientific network we want to improve the exchange of knowledge within the area and with the other areas.

So we are looking for partnership within this region

Our team in this region

The regional group was established by a members decision in December 2020

The members also elected Debjani Mueller as the first co-oordinator of the regional activities.

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Get Ready to Start Your Exciting Journey

Being part and contact either the i-HTS secretariat or the regional co-ordinator

Our African partners

A selection of members according to privacy agreements within the African region

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