Participate in the global evidence society on Health Innovations

Knowledge sharing on health related innovations is important to improve the health of communities and individuals. 

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Find people

You do have a question on a specific topic? Get in touch with specialists on a topic.
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Exchange knowlegde

Exchange ideas in a closed community with public or academic institutions and related persons. 
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Search in knowledge bases

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting happily finding data and knowledge within our society. 
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Starting as en European project we do now have members around the world.

Nevertheless, regions are special and even in a global world local issues do play a role.

So we are implementing regional working areas to improve the interaction of people and institutions in the regions.
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Our journal

Publish experiences on a technology, on a method used in our journal HInT. Be part of the journal. 
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Describe a technology

Our aim is to describe technologies with the best available evidence.

Based on this decision working can do their HTA, their assessment, on implementing technologies.